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Marshall Christiansen (
Date:4/29/2017 10:19:22 PM
Subject:Thank you

I'm going to be giving a presentation regarding SCADA to a bunch of young engineers and your history primer gives some great info!


Andre Santos (
Date:9/20/2016 9:16:11 AM

Very interesting. Dont you plan to publish it somewhere? Maybe an ebook if a book is too expensive.

It is a subject that has not so much material available...



From-SCADA-to-SmartGrid (
Date:8/23/2016 3:43:27 AM
Subject:Thank You for SCADA History Report

8/23/16: Your page asks "Is anybody reading this?" Yes, I found it approx. a year ago via googling for "history of SCADA" and found it very very interesting and detailed, especially that:

1. SCADA was the "early version of Smart Grid"; and...

2. That Utilities had been using/trying out various means (PLC, MWR, etc.) for remote/SCADA since 1940s/1950s; and...

3. That a San Jose, Calif. company, Moore Associates, from 1970s, later became "LandisGyre." (I don't think Gyr has an "e" on the end, though. :) See landisgyr dot com website.

FWIW, Landis+Gyr was bought out by Toshiba circa 2011.

I'm not a fan of the SmartGrid due to its horrible EMF radiation saturating the premises via the wall-wiring and underground powerlines and underground meter pipes, causing oscillations/vibrations of floors/walls/bldg., plus it emits an equally disturbing and penetrating "humming/thrumming/warbling" noise non-stop. Its intensity fluctuates, I imagine due to the "Real vs. Reactive Demand" of the Power Grid(?)

Worse, it is also inducing current in my body, causing internal organs to literally vibrate/oscillate (eyes, chest/lungs, gut, bladder, and brain). You don't know torture until your body is being "subtly electrocuted" by the SmartGrid. If you were not aware that EMFs can do this to people, pets, and buildings, you might want to look into it. There are numerous testimonies online of people suffering due to this nightmare technology.

So if SCADA was an "early" form of the SmartGrids (water and electric), then the Utilities have been radiating neighborhoods for much longer than any of us realized.

However, it is obviously much much more "potent/intense" now with 900MHz meters and some w/2.4GB, or both. Just the 900MHz alone causes 1.8 billion oscillations per measurable second, at atomic and molecular levels (polarizing and depolarizing) everything in its path, including me/my body and my bldg.

No doubt that is why major global insurers such as Swiss Re and Lloyds of London are already running scared from EMFs and are putting disclaimers in their insurance policies re claims for any harm from same. They know what is coming, slowly but surely, massive lawsuits. Without insurance, the Utilities and Smart Meter manufacturers/distributors are going to have to pay out the nose and they well deserve it for stealthily implementing this death-dealing technology.

No offense to you personally, of course, as I appreciated your SCADA report. :) You may also be interested in the work of Victor Nixon, a global contractor/SCADA expert, now deceased sadly (2012). He was tormented for three years by BPL-SmartGrid at his home in PA before it killed him at age 59. During those three years he researched the origins of BPL technology and its effects on humans. Below are some links to his work, if interested.

Victor Nixon (DOD 9/17/12, age 59):
--M.Sc. Computer Systems Automation Engineering.
--Over 30 years global experience in SCADA [Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition] systems design and installation relating to electrical power generation, distribution, and industrial use.
--Decorated Special Services [British Army] Middle East Veteran.
--Lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Idaho.
--Nixon was forced to join the SmartGrid "dog fight" in Oct. 2009 after he began hearing/feeling a penetrating Low Frequency vibrating noise which he was able to track down to a 138,000 volt (138kv) Substation a whopping 4.2 miles away from his house. His next question was, "WHY should he be able to hear THAT at his house?!" And thus his journey began into the "shocking" world of government and corporate "stealth" operations.
--Nixon's next endeavor, from an engineer's viewpoint, over the approximate next two years, was hunting/seeking/gathering/studying/researching everything he could re the SmartGrid, the companies involved, how it actually works, etc.

--2011 - Victor Nixon written testimony dated 10/20/11 to the Massachusetts EPA during their feigned "State/Utilities Initiative" to "investigate" Smart Grid/Smart Meter complaints:
smartmeternewsupdates .wordpress .com/about/comment-page-1/#comment-10

--2012 - Victor Nixon report posted to FCC site:
"Smart Grid: An Explanation For The Layman"
"How Smart Grid Will Affect Your Life"
by Victor Nixon, M.Sc.
© Copyright 2012 Victor Nixon
apps. fcc .gov/ecfs/document/view?id=7520939738
--Same document, another copy here:
homeopathicassociates .com/portfolio-item/smart-grid-explanation-layman/
Full Document, 27-pages:
homeopathicassociates .com/?wpdmact=process%26did=NS5ob3RsaW5r

--2012 - Victor Nixon challenged the DOJ for violating his civil rights by radiating him via the SmartGrid without his permission:
"EMF expert challenges DoJ over Civil Rights" by John Weigel (undated, "pending notification of receipt by the U.S. Dept. of Justice"):
citizensforsafetechnology .org/uploads/scribd/victor-challenge.pdf
Above .PDF was linked from:
citizensforsafetechnology .org/EMF-expert-challenges-Dept-of-Justice-over-Civil-Rights,25,2559

--2012 Canada: Victor Nixon posted to "International EMF Compilation" google-group 4/23/12:
groups. google .com/forum/#!topic/hum-sufferers/qJ1sRBCvJs8

--"Tribute to Victor Nixon, EMF Warrior" by John Weigel (30 pgs.):
stopthecrime .net/smartmeters/victor_tribute.pdf

Per Nixon re BPL was an Israeli invention via AMPERION, INC. (USA incorporated Spring 2001 in CT; later in MA), parent company BATM, parent company ELBIT.
--My 2-cents: Amperion = Ampere+Ion. Ion is Hebrew for "Eye" (per the "Codex Magica" DVD). Hence, their company name means "Eye On The Ampere" since in Hebrew you read from right to left.
--Amperion changed its name approx. 15-months after Victor Nixon's death. It is now called GRID EDGE (Taking the Grid To The Edge?).
--CEO of Amperion/Grid Edge is Nachum Sadan. Nachum is same as Nahum, a Biblical prophet in the Old Testament/Bible. Sadan is possibly from Sadanowicz (Polish/Jewish), per a genealogy surname site, and simply means "son of Sadan." The name Sadan possibly comes from Sudan. Sadan's bio says he went to a Tel Aviv university.

There may be more Victor Nixon info online but that's all I found so far.

I'll check back to see if my comment is posted. I did not give a real email address because you are posting people's emails publicly. I never post my email publicly (no offense, but neither should you be doing so). But thanks again for the SCADA history! I would definitely be interested to see what newer updates there would be, from year 2000 through present.


Terrika M (
Date:6/15/2016 5:57:46 AM

Thank you for this information!


David Pilon (
Date:5/24/2016 3:33:31 PM
Subject:Neat Stuff!

Thanks for your write-up. Dave at DTE Energy (fka Detroit Edison Co.).


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